A 15% increase in range of the Iveco S-WAY CNG is now possible thanks to the fitment of larger CNG tanks.

The move has been made to aid decarbonisation efforts being made by operators in the UK and beyond.

For example, natural gas versions of Iveco heavy trucks enable them to reduce carbon emissions by up to 95%. 

Specifically, this is possible when they are running biomethane fuels in either Compressed (CNG) or Liquefied (LNG) forms.

However, the manufacturer is keen to ensure these savings are maximised.

As a result, the size of the larger CNG tanks on the 4×2 tractors is up 132 litres, to 1,052 litres.

The CNG fuel tanks consist of four cylinders arranged in to a ‘pack’. 

For example, one pack sits on either side of the truck’s chassis. 

Furthermore, to maximise available space, half of the total cylinders on each side remain at 115 litres, the others increased to 148 litres.

This additional tank size enables 160kg of compressed natural gas to be squeezed into the tanks. 

In other words, it means a 15% proportional uplift in vehicle range.

Iveco UK’s Jorge Asensio López called natural gas “the gateway to zero emission transport”. 

“With the larger CNG tanks, the S-Way CNG offers operators an environmental solution that must not be ignored.”

Launched in RHD in November 2020, the S-Way is Iveco’s latest and most advanced heavy truck to date. 

As a result, its fuel economy is maximised thanks to advances in aerodynamic design. 

The Iveco S-Way natural gas is available as a tractor or rigid.

Importantly, all models come with a connection to the IVECO control room and a three-year R&M package.

Available to order now, the larger CNG tanks require a minimum 5th wheel height of 190mm.