Iveco is the official partner of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship for the 2022 season. 

An agreement was signed last year with the European Truck Racing Association (ETRA). 

Specifically, the deal extends the partnership between the two until the end of the 2023 season. 

Therefore, Iveco will contribute to ETRA’s sustainability goals. 

For example, the S-Way LNG will be the first ever pace truck with alternative traction in FIA-ETRC. 

Furthermore, ETRA has a number of other initiatives to reach net zero by 2038. 

For example, it will switch to 100% sustainable fuel for all competitors. 

That initiative started this past weekend at the the Misano circuit in Italy. 

There, the LNG pace truck was on duty leading the vehicles around the track.

Importantly, the Iveco truck is powered by bio-LNG. 

The LNG is stored in its two 540-litre tanks that hold at least 390kg of liquid bio-LNG. 

As a result, the truck has a range of up to 1,600km. 

The technology onboard enables the truck to emit less nitrogen dioxide. 

In addition, it cuts CO2 by 95 percent less CO2 emissions, compared with a diesel truck. 

The truck racing pace vehicle has specially designed livery. 

Also, it features a number of custom parts.

For example, there are two yellow rotating beacons and a light bar with LED headlights. 

In addition, an illuminated three-piece bull bar and LED flashers are used.

However, these items are required by FIA-ETRA technical regulations.

Meanwhile, Iveco will also take part again in the ETRC 2022 as technical sponsor of the “Die Bullen von Iveco”. 

The partnership is between the Hahn Racing and Schwabentruck teams. 

It will support the team with the new S-Way-R race truck, which has undergone upgrades recently

For example, it is more powerful and emits fewer emissions.