Electric and fuel cell versions of the Nikola Tre have been unveiled at IAA Transportation 2022 show in Hannover.

The Tre BEV is produced by the Nikola Iveco joint venture and, therefore, based on the Italians’ S-Way truck.

A modular approach to the design has been taken, allowing different powertrains to be used on the platform.

For example, both battery and fuel cell propulsion systems more of the customer based to be catered for.

In total, nine batteries are used in the Tre BEV, with a total energy capacity of 738kWh.

As a result, a theoretical driving range of 500km is possible, says the company. 

Recharging the batteries from 10-90% takes 162 minutes, when using a 175kW charger.

However, when revealing the electric and fuel cell Tre models, it was revealed that 350kW charging will follow.

Specifically, company figure said that faster charging options would be available later this year. 

Michael Lohscheller, president, Nikola Corporation, hailed the new arrivals as “game changers” in the transport industry. 

“They deliver the performance and driving experience able to compete with their diesel-powered peers,” he stated. 

Continuing, he added that they offer “operationally and financially viable zero-emissions solutions for regional applications”.

As a result, he said, customer will gain a “true competitive advantage” over running other trucks.

Meanwhile, the fuel cell vehicle of the Tre was shown in ‘beta’ form.

It featured a steering tag axle and new cab with improved aerodynamics.

The fuel cell truck can accommodate 70kg of stored hydrogen, thanks to its nearly 4m-long wheelbase.

This capacity, combined with a refuelling rate of under 20 minutes, will make it an attractive proposition for hauliers.

Plus, it offers a potential driving range range of 800km on a single tank.

The Tre FCEV is expected to enter the market in 2024.