Using the IAA Transportation 2022 event in Hannover, Germany, DAF took the wraps off its latest models.

The electric XD and XF trucks offer zero emissions, showing DAF’s commitment to the environment.

In addition both models can offer a theoretical driving range of more than 500km on a single charge.

The two trucks are based on the existing XF/XG series so therefore, they have a successful base to work from.

Power comes a choice of two permanent magnet electric motors.

Firstly, there’s the EX-D1, which offers outputs of 230, 300 and 370hp.

Secondly, drivers can choose the EX-D2m a choice of 370, 420 or 480hp.

Meanwhile, there is also a choice of battery pack with the trucks, with between two and five strings of batteries. 

In other words, the range goes from packs with two strings offering 210kWh, to five strings (525kWh).

Fast-charging can be completed with powers up to 325kW, it was confirmed at IAA Transportation 2022.

Therefore a three-string battery can be replenished from empty to 80% in 45 minutes. 

For the largest batteries, a full fast recharge takes two hours.

However, an onboard charger is available, which can charge up to 22kW. 

Thanks to flexible and modular packaging of the batteries on the chassis, the trucks offer flexibility with body builders. 

For example, battery packs can be optimally tuned to the vehicle’s application.

That leaves ample space for side loader superstructures and crane legs. 

A 650V e-PTO is available as an option for powering auxiliary equipment, such as an electric cooling installation for temperature-controlled transport.

The trucks will be identifiable by blue accents on the grille and headlights.

Inside, there will be a bespoke display on the digital dashboard, showing charging status and power delivery. 

Order books are open now, with production due to start in 2023.