Harbour Haulage is the latest operator to take delivery of one of the special edition Actros L trucks from Mercedes-Benz.

In fact, the Peterhead-based operator is one of the first customers for the premium-specification truck. 

The delivery was made by Aberdeen Dealer BLS Truck & Van.

Furthermore, the new Harbour Haulage truck is already out doing the hard miles.

Specifically, it’s transporting fish offal and other seafood-related products used in fertilisers and animal feed throughout Scotland.

The Actros L is aimed at long-distance hauliers and those engaged in heavy-duty distribution.

Therefore, the flagship model combines improved efficiency over its competitors.

In addition, it offers a ‘more relaxed driving and living experience’. 

For example, it has a quieter cab thanks to improved heat insulation. 

Also, drivers benefit from a lower, more comfortable seating position, which also provides improved visibility.  

The new Harbour Haulage truck is powered by a 12.8-litre, 510hp engine. 

Meanwhile, the Scottish operator has opted for the lowest Streamspace cab.

The cab offers less headroom, but it is still spacious enough for drivers.

And, there’s the added benefits of numerous creature comforts on board. 

For example, the Actros L comes with rear wall lockers, a fridge and a microwave.

However, the Harbour Haulage Actros L has also been adapted further still. 

Essentially, it is in response to the some deliveries being made with a curtainside trailer. 

As a result, the truck works more frequently with a bulker. 

Therefore, to free up space for its tipping gear, Bailey Hydraulics, of Wisbech, removed and replaced the standard fuel tank. 

Instead, an aluminium combination tank for diesel and hydraulic oil is used. 

 Raymond Simpson, director, Harbour Haulage, said cost was a major factor in the choice of truck.

“Our established supplier’s prices have gone through the roof,” he reported.