Mercedes-Benz has unveiled what it is calling the largest and most luxurious production Actros, the Actros L.

The new truck comes less than two weeks after DAF took the wraps off its new range-topping XG+.

Actros L features a number of technologies designed around improving drivers’ lives.

For example, there is Active Drive Assist 2, with an emergency stop function that automatically brakes the truck to a halt in an emergency.

In addition, the cab is quieter and boasts heat insulation and an improved seating position for better visibility. 

Specifically, the seats have been lowered by 40mm, which helps driver comfort as well as improving safety levels.

On a related note, optional LED headlamps offer a better view of the road, with higher light intensity than xenon versions.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz innovations such as the Multimedia Cockpit and MirrorCam further aid drivers in their work.

Actros L has Active Brake Assist 5 as standard, featuring a pedestrian recognition system.

Furthermore, all trucks offer Sideguard Assist, to support drivers making left turns and changing lanes.  

The new Actros follows in the footsteps of the limited edition Actros Edition 2.

Andreas von Wallfeld, from Mercedes-Benz Trucks, explained the new model.

“When developing the Actros L we placed particular focus on driver comfort, safety, connectivity and Total Cost of Ownership. 

The company’s aim, he explained, was to create further benefits in those aspects for customers and drivers. 

Therefore, dialogue with customers led to clear knowledge about what they wanted from a premium truck. 

“It’s precisely these requirements that we have addressed,,” confirmed von Wallfeld.

Concluding, Wallfield said: “For transport companies, the Actros L is a really strong asset.”

The new diesel-powered truck can be ordered from 1st July and goes into production in November 2021.