Hankook and Hyundai have launched a road show with the XCIENT hydrogen fuel cell truck.

The tyre manufacturer and truck maker hope to raise awareness about sustainability in logistics.

Therefore, they are using the green truck to travel around Germany. 

Specifically, it will visit Hankook’s HQ and logistics centre.

In total, the vehicle will be on the move from now until 8th December 2021.

In addition, the hydrogen fuel cell truck will be fitted with Hankook’s Smartflex Tyres.

Hankook is working with H2 Green Power & Logistics GmbH.

The German company is involved in hydrogen ecosystems for commercial vehicles.

Meanwhile, there is also a cooperation with H2 MOBILITY Germany.

This tie-up ensures that public hydrogen filling stations are also available.

Hankook and Hyundai hope that its efforts will be rewarded within the sector.

“Hankook has been a reliable tyre partner in the fleet sector for a long time,” said Manfred Zoni from Hankook.

 “Therefore, I am delighted that the tyres for the Hyundai XCIENT truck have allowed us to make an important contribution. 

A core element of the tyre manufacturer’s efforts for sustainable business lies in truck retreading technology. 

Furthermore, Hankook illustrates the advantages of this sustainable ‘increased life’ concept. 

In other words, Hankook’s truck tyres can be retreaded several times thanks to their high-quality carcass. 

These features allow fleet companies to do good for the environment. 

In addition, there are economic benefits thanks to greatly increased overall mileage.

Meanwhile, Dr Ludger Hellenthal, from H2 Green Power & Logistics GmbH, welcomed the efforts of Hankook and Hyundai.

“Without using hydrogen in industry and transport, the energy transition is currently considered unattainable,” he said. 

“However, our business model includes a complete ecosystem for green hydrogen in commercial vehicle mobility.”