Hydrogen HGVs will form an important part of the truck industry’s future.

That’s the verdict from Hyundai, who recently announced it’s ‘Hydrogen Vision 2040’ initiative.

The manufacturer has set out plans for hydrogen energy and a hydrogen society.

Furthermore, Hyundai it announced electrocution plans for future models.

For example, it presented plans for fuel cell or battery electric models.

In addition, there was talk of fuel cell systems as an option by 2028.

The goal of more hydrogen HGVs and BEVs by 2028 is designed to raise Hyundai’s profile.

Meanwhile, there is the added incentive of becoming to the first truck OEM to fully apply fuel cells to the lineup by 2028.

Chairman of the Hyundai Motor Group, Euisun Chung, set out the strategy for hydrogen HGVs and other alternatives.

“[Our] vision is to apply hydrogen energy in all areas of life and industry such as our homes, work-places and factories. 

“The goal is to make hydrogen readily used for everyone, everything and everywhere,” he said.

“We want to offer practical solutions for the sustainable development of humanity. 

“And, with these breakthroughs, we aim to help foster a worldwide hydrogen society by 2040.”

Specifically, there were two introductions of note for the truck market.

Firstly, the Trailer Drone concept which can operate autonomously.

Importantly, the hydrogen-powered container transportation system offers more than 1,000km of range from a single charge. 

Therefore, the unit is fitted with a number of carefully packaged hydrogen tanks. 

In addition, Hyundai presented the ‘Fuel Cell e-Bogie’.

The e-Bogie is a fully enclosed system with fuel cell propulsion and fully independent four-wheel steering. 

The Trailer Drone concept requires two fuel cell e-Bogies to operate through sideways movement. 

It can also move autonomously through portside operations and tight urban environments.