The next stage of Tevva’s truck development has been reached with funding secured for the zero-emission range of vehicles.

A total of £4.2 million has been received by the start-up truck manufacturer.

Therefore, Tevva is able to finance the range of long-range medium duty trucks.

Tevva benefitted from the majority of a £5.7 million grant from the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre.

As a result, the funding secured will go towards the SANGREAL project.

SANGREAL is a collaboration between Tevva and Advanced Electric Machines (AEM).

AEM’s vision is to build the world’s most sustainable electric motors.

The medium to heavy duty truck market has seen limited activity in electrification.

However, Tevva and AEM hope to change all that.

For example, hope to produce models ranging from 7.5-tonnes to 19-tonnes.

Specifically, customers in the ‘back to base’ logistics market will be targeted.

Furthermore, the project will involve the design and development of key components.

For example, an ‘innovative electric transaxle’ will be developed. 

In addition, an intelligent vehicle propulsion control system with on-board telematics is also planned.

Meanwhile, SANGREAL will create and safeguard vital UK-based research and manufacturing jobs. 

It will also deliver cost and environmental benefits to the industry as well as to the public. 

Tevva also wants to ensure the project will help the UK’s position in the fight against climate change.

Ken Scott, Tevva’s chief engineer, underlined the importance of having funding secured for the project.

“We are proud to receive this grant to continue developing Tevva’s groundbreaking technology,” he said. 

“We are developing zero-emission solutions for higher weight class “return to base” logistics vehicles that offer true cost of ownership benefit.”

Concluding, he stated: “This funding will help make this a reality in the near-future.”