Volvo Trucks and DHL Freight have announced a partnership, based around the concept of a heavy duty electric truck. 

The two companies will work on the transition to fossil-free transportation over longer distances.

There has been a lot of industry activity recently surrounding electric trucks, but mostly aimed at the distribution sector.

However, this new initiative will see pilot tests of an electric Volvo FH, with up to 60 tonnes GVW.

The heavy duty electric truck will operate on a 150km-long route between two DHL Freight terminals in Sweden. 

The trial will enable Volvo and DHL to gain insight into electric truck operation and charging infrastructure requirements.

As a result of these findings, the optimum distance, load weights and charging points can be determined.

“Our aim is to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero,” said Uwe Brinks, DHL Freight’s CEO. 

“Compared to 2007, our Group’s CO2 efficiency has improved by 35%. However, we need innovative technological solutions and strong partnerships along this journey.”

Volvo has a long history of developing alternatives to fossil-fuel-powered trucks.

For example, there are gas-powered trucks and battery-powered FL and FEs in the model lineup.

Meanwhile, at the end of 2020, Volvo started selling the VNR Electric in North America.

This latest tie-up offers an extension to the power source behind those products. 

In addition, it will investigate other aspects of the ecosystem, such as charging, route planning and service and support.

“To be sustainable is an important business advantage for many of our customers,” says Roger Alm, Volvo Trucks’ president.

“We offer effective transport solutions that help make a fast transition to fossil-free fuels such as electricity.

[DHL’s] broad and global expertise in logistics allows us to study the conditions to progress with this technology shift.”