Two product lines in Renault Trucks’ heavy duty all-electric range have been given a fresh look for 2023.

With the update, the E-Tech T and C will be the first trucks to bear the manufacturer’s new logo. 

Production will not start until 2023, however the duo are already available for pre-order.

The fresh look is the latest step from Renault on its commitment to decarbonising road freight transport. 

For example, it is now the only company to provide an electric mobility offer for all uses. 

In other words, Renault Trucks offer everything from a 650kg cargo bike to a 44-tonne electric tractor and construction truck.

The company says that the new models ‘have a design that is specific to their electric motorisation’. 

Firstly, they both have the trademark graphic signature of the brand’s electric trucks.

For example, there are blue hubcaps and a vertical stripe on the sides of the vehicle. 

Alongside the E-Tech badge at the front, the trucks feature a new Emblem plate in blue plexiglass.

Meanwhile, the front of the vehicles has been brought forward by 115mm and side radars fitted, for extra safety.

The chassis is also equipped with a retractable step, therefore maximising space dedicated to the batteries. 

Renault Trucks says the designers took inspiration from electronic music for the front panel’s fresh look. 

Specifically, a pattern that is reminiscent of an equaliser has been adopted. 

To reinforce this electromechanical effect, the front of the vehicles are fully painted. 

Finally, new logo takes on a monochrome design, which Renault says asserts its ‘acceleration and commitment to transport decarbonisation’. 

Indeed, Renault Trucks is determined to meet the climate challenge.

It says it will do so by developing ever cleaner, safer and more circular transport solutions to accompany its customers on their path to carbon neutrality.