Cheshire haulage business, 3D Trans Ltd, has added five new Scanias to its fleet.

The quintet of R500 6×4 tractor units have been acquired from Asset Alliance Group.

Supplied on a three-year full-service contract hire deal, the Scanias join a mixed fleet at the Widnes-based company. 

For example, the company runs 15 MAN as well as seven DAF trucks. 

These vehicles are predominantly moving containers to and from UK ports to customers across the country.

Stuart Buckley-Mellor, transport manager, 3D Trans said he was delighted with the five new Scanias. 

“We’ve never had Scanias before, but we decided to add some to our fleet based on their reported performance and fuel efficiency,” he revealed. 

“It’s proven to be the right decision for the vehicles we need. 

Continuing, Buckley-Mellor said the drivers were equally keen as him about the Scanias.

“They can be covering up to 120,000km a year,” he said. 

“The new Scania tractor units are robust and reliable and we’ve seen a lot less downtime than with some of our other trucks.”

Meanwhile, Buckley-Mellor explained the Scanias are also offering other benefits.

“On the road they present a strong image for 3D Trans Ltd. 

“You attract better drivers with better vehicles that are fully specced up for their comfort. 

“That is a massive asset to the company,” he added.

3D Trans Ltd has a longstanding relationship with Asset Alliance Group spanning more than six years. 

The five new Scanias join the company amid a rolling fleet renewal programme.

“I’ve worked with Asset Alliance Group for a long time now and therefore it’s great to do business with its expert team,” said Buckley-Mellor.

“Therefore, I can trust the sales team to deliver what they say they’ll deliver. 

“In addition, they offer a range of manufacturer options to suit our needs.”