Optimising fleet performance has been given a boost with the arrival of FORS Transport Planner.

The technology has been developed with The Algorithm People (TAP), thereby aiming to make life easier for businesses.

Fleets are experiencing spiralling costs, however, FORS Transport Planner is designed to help out.

For example, algorithms will work out the best combination of jobs, routes and assets such as drivers and vehicles.

As a result, there will be fewer vehicles, running fewer miles for the same amount of work, saving time, fuel and emissions.

The software will work across different sectors and industries, including ICE vehicles and EVs.

Specifically, it will automatically consider vehicle payload, variable routes and other necessary information.

For electric vehicles, meanwhile, it will factor in range and charging options and data.

Colin Ferguson, CEO of TAP, said FORS Transport Planner was built with everyday operations in mind.

“Our aim is to help operators of all sizes, many of whom don’t have access to this kind of technology,” he said.

“Or maybe they are currently relying on manual route planning or fixed route sequencing.

“With only 10% of fleets optimising their transport planning, we believe FORS Transport Planner can help level the playing field.”

Continuing Ferguson said some customers have reported efficiency savings of up to 30%.

Ferguson said the business model was based on three pillars – decarbonisation, optimisation and innovation.

Meanwhile, FORS concession director, Ian Henderson, said FORS Transport Planner reflects the ethos of the FORS programme.

“Helping our accredited operators find ways to work smarter and greener is to the benefit of all.

“I’d encourage all operators to start a conversation about decarbonisation and see what savings and benefits can be gained.”

The software will be made available to accredited operators as part of FORS’ Affinity Partner programme expansion.