An order for the first DAF CF Electric tractor units has been placed by Freight Systems Express Wales (FSEW). 

The Cardiff-based operator is adding two of the battery powered trucks to its fleet.

FESW took the decision to go electric after help from decarbonisation outfit, Egnida and DAF.

For example, the group looked at journey analysis and charging options.

In addition, the level of ongoing support was also part of the decision-making process.

Egnida created a low-carbon business model for FSEW, which maximised benefits from the truck’s operation.

As a result, if everything goes to plan, the first DAF CF Electric trucks for FSEW won’t be the last.

The company plans to replace more than 40 diesel trucks with low-carbon vehicles.

Specifically, a reduction in carbon emissions of 50% in the next nine months is the goal. 

This target will be achieved by the two DAFs and a further 10 ‘green’ trucks, hopes FSEW.

Geoff Tomlinson, MD of FSEW says it’s a change of mindset for all involved.

“It’s a journey that began 2.5 years ago and one in which the whole business is engaged. 

“If these trucks perform as they should, we’ll be in for another ten DAF CFs,” he added.

Meanwhile, in other eco-truck news, supermarket EDEKA Minden-Hannover is trialling three Iveco S-Way natural gas trucks.

Shell will be supplying bio-LNG to the operator and two other customers for the year-long evaluation.

EDEKA Minden-Hannover’s fleet now includes S-way natural gas trucks.

However, these will be the first ones to run on bio-LNG.

Thomas Steinlein, from EDEKA Minden-Hannover said the use of Bio-LNG was a major step towards zero emissions.

“We are delighted to participate in this pilot project,” he added.