More clean energy options are now available to Renault Trucks customers after the company announced it was broadening its all-electric range of vehicles. 

At the heavier end of the market, the French manufacturer’s D and D Wide Z.E. models can now be powered by 66kWh battery packs. Previously only able to run with 50kWh units, the new 66kWh lithium-ion items can be configured in a stack of up to six packs. There are a total of five different configurations, giving drivers and operators greater choice of power to suit their operations. 

Elsewhere, the Master Z.E utility model has been released in 3.5-tonne form, joining the 3.1-tonne model already available. There is an extra 400kg of payload to take into consideration with the heavier model, but it is still able to run up to 120km on a single charge. Available as a platform and chassis cab, the 3.5-tonne Master Z.E. can accommodate a tipping trailer or high-volume container with lifting tailgate. 

The models in Renault Trucks’ electric vehicle fleet cover vehicles from 3.1 tonnes to 26 tonnes GVW. With a maximum driving range of up to 400km, they are designed to suit almost every operation in commercial vehicle haulage. 

The batteries – the most expensive components in the new vehicles – have been optimised to give operators specifically the range that they need, rather than being engineered for maximum range. As such, larger payloads can be sustained and total cost of ownership is kept as low as possible.