A vision of an eco-friendly truck park, to coincide with the current COP26 event, has been revealed.

Smart payment service provider Snap has devised the park, with climate change under the spotlight. 

As a result, truck drivers and fleet operators get a glimpse into the future. 

For example, the eco-friendly truck park features technologies used to meet future environmental goals.

The UK government set a 2040 ban on the production of diesel-based trucks. 

Furthermore, the UN has a target to hit global net zero by 2050. 

Therefore, the haulage industry has to evolve – and fast. 

SNAP’s depiction is of “Truck Park 2049” – one year before the climate-neutral target.

At this point, the transport industry expects to be at a pivotal moment in time.

By then, it is anticipated that deliveries will be in demand more than ever. 

However, trucks will be smarter, more efficient and running on renewable energy.

In addition, hydrogen-powered trucks will be on stream. 

For example, Daimler and Volvo have promised vehicles capable of driving long distances towards the end of this decade; 

Meanwhile, electric batteries will advance by 2049 to allow trucks to travel further distances without recharging. 

As an example, 350kW charging technology will enable HGVs to travel up to 100 miles from a five-minute charge.

Despite all this, drivers will still play a crucial role. 

Specifically, they will need maintenance skills to keep more automated vehicles on the road. 

Snap’s Emma Westwood explained the purpose of the eco-friendly truck park.

“This is a truly transitional period for the haulage industry. 

“Technology is already accelerating rapidly, which means truck parks of the future will be very different to what we know today. 

“Therefore, by visualising what a truck park in 2049 might comprise, our aim is to help support and guide drivers and fleet operators.”