Earth Day, taking place today, has been embraced MAN.

As part of a range of activities, the company’s workers were asked to take one hour to reflect on their CO2 footprint.

In addition, they were encouraged to think about how they can reduce it.

“Sustainability is a key field for MAN and a guarantor of long-term corporate success,” said MAN’s Holger Mandel.

“Therefore it’s a matter of course for us to participate in the initiative for this year’s Earth Day.” 

The initiative was led by Volkswagen Group, which provided time and material for employees to take part.

“Now is the time when we can manage to make our jobs long-term and future-proof,” said Saki Stimoniaris, Chairman, MAN. 

“At the same time, we can preserve a world in which our children and grandchildren will enjoy living.”

However, sustainability is not only of great importance to MAN on Earth Day alone. 

It is also part of its strategy and is therefore reflected in many areas of the company. 

For example, all MAN suppliers must comply with a sustainability ranking. 

Furthermore, MAN is setting itself ambitious targets at its production sites. 

By 2030, production is to be completely CO2 neutral. 

To achieve this, the company relies on electricity from renewable sources at its many of its plants. 

For example, MAN will also invest in photovoltaics at its Pinetown plant (pictured).

“We also have a major impact on the environment with the development of emission-free drives, so we pay a lot of attention to this,” says Mandel.

“Together we contribute to restoring the world – not only on Earth Day.”