The latest industry awards have seen drivers hailed as heroes for their efforts in the workplace.

The Microlise Driver of the Year Awards 2021 saw a wide range of operators honoured.

For example, those working for DHL Supply Chain, Waitrose picked up awards.

In addition, drivers also hailed as heroes came from Asda and Alliance healthcare.

The Microlise Driver of the Year Driver Hero Award recognises drivers who have gone above and beyond. 

Therefore, winners have responded safely, professionally and with great community spirit to serious situations.

For instance, take Lee Clempson and Daryl Braddock from DHL Supply Chain.

The duo were delivering in Cornwall when they spotted a lady about to jump off a bridge.

They managed to keep hold of her and talk to her until the emergency services arrived.

Meanwhile, there is the story of Waitrose driver, Ryan Roser.

The driver was also able to save a woman’s life after she had jumped off a bridge.

Roser used his truck as a protective barrier and attracted the attention of other drives who also helped.

Finally, another driver to be hailed as a hero was Paul Moorhouse, 

The delivery driver for Travis Perkins came to the aid of a concerned mother whose baby wasn’t breathing properly.

Thankfully, Moorhouse was able to dislodge what was blocking the baby’s airwaves.

Meanwhile, there were also two special awards for other drivers.

Firstly, Asda’s Ron Teskowski was honoured for battling through heavy snowfall last winter.

The supermarket driver was forced to walk nine miles to work before heading out on deliveries.

Furthermore, he spotted a gas leak at a customer’s house, preventing a potential disaster.

Secondly, there was a lifetime achievement award for Stanley (Stan) Bennion from Alliance Healthcare. 

The professional driver spent 44 years helping to mentor, support and develop colleagues.