New laws will be introduced tomorrow as part of a mobile phone crackdown.

Specifically, there will be tougher regulations around the use of mobile phones while driving.

As a result, it will be easier for police to prosecute anyone handling a mobile device while behind the wheel.

A £200 fine and six points will be issued in a range of scenarios in the mobile phone crackdown.

For example, drivers will be punished for taking photos or videos, or changing or playing videos or games.

In addition, fines and points will be issued even for drivers in stationary traffic.

Research from driver training provider TTC shows that more than 600,000 drivers on Britain’s roads currently have six or more points on their licence. 

Therefore, if they are caught holding a mobile phone, it’s enough to put them off the road. 

In response to the new measures, TTC is urging drivers to take the necessary steps to ensure they remain safe behind the wheel. 

For example, it is encouraging people to install a hands-free cradle or, better still, learn to put mobile phones away entirely.

Furthermore anyone who drives for a living is urged to change behaviour in advance of these introductions. 

In other words, failure to do means risking a loss of workforce or even jobs in the new year.

“This change in laws is coming at a time when we already have a significant number of drivers approaching a ban due to an accumulation of points,” warned TTC’s Andy Wheeler. 

“Therefore, the coming introduction will see these drivers at serious risk from being removed from the roads.”

Fortunately, TTC offers a range of driver workshops tailored to improving safety and managing risk for drivers. 

Each initiative, said Wheeler, is designed to keep UK roads safer – and drivers behind the wheel.