The Driver Academy Group has been chosen to train and place 11,000 truck drivers.

The group is a consortium led by HGVC and includes Manpower and Logistics UK as members. 

Specifically, it was formed to help upskill and supply candidates to the sector. 

As a result, the Driver Academy Group will train and place 2,160 candidates into HGV driving roles. 

The effort is part of the Government’s Skills Bootcamps. 

These flexible courses last up to 16 weeks and give people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills. 

In addition, they feature a fast-track to an interview with a local employer. 

Furthermore, funding from the Department for Education addresses the cost barrier that faces many aspiring truck drivers.

 As leader of the Driver Academy Group, HGVC will oversee the training of 750 new drivers in England. 

Also, it will help upskill hundreds of existing HGV drivers to obtain their ADR qualifications. 

Importantly, more than a thousand courses will be available for lapsed drivers. 

Therefore, it offers an opportunity for those who are keen to return to HGV driving but need refresher training.

Meanwhile, Logistics UK will provide drivers with soft skills training. 

Finally, Manpower will support qualified drivers in their search for suitable roles in the industry.

 The Skills Bootcamps in HGV Driving are live now. 

Specifically, they are open to anyone with a car license aged 19 and over. 

In addition, the Driver Academy Group is particularly keen on helping underrepresented groups. 

For example, women, those from ethnic minorities and younger drivers. 

Furthermore, unemployed people and ex-offenders are also encouraged to apply to become a driver. 

How to apply

Candidates can apply at

 All successful applicants will be booked onto courses as soon as there is availability.

As a result, they will be able to get into a new driving job as quickly as possible in 2022. 

The training courses are available at 60 locations across the country.