The National Skills Fund should be broadened in order to increase driver numbers.

That’s the message from Logistics UK as the driver shortage continues.

Specifically, the National Skills Fund helps adults retrain if they want or need to change career.

Therefore, Logistics UK argues extra funding would enable more drivers to be trained up.

In addition, the move would help other areas of the logistics industry.

The Government is seeking views on the scheme’s effectiveness in filling the skills gap.

Alexandra Herdman, public policy manager, Logistics UK has responded.

“Logistics UK is urging the Government to open up its National Skills Fund to include level 2 qualifications. 

“In addition, to be more flexible in its rules to enable British workers to access funding.

“Currently, the scheme only offers support for adults wanting to gain a level 3 qualification,” Herdman adds.

“However, many of the roles the UK needs desperately, including HGV drivers, are level 2. 

One of the issues with the current situation is a lack of a level 2 HGV driver qualification 

Therefore, Logistics UK says Government should fund elements of the driver training through the National Skills Fund.

Concluding, Herdman urged the inclusion of Level 3 CPC in Road Haulage in the Fund.

This qualification is required of all transport managers – who play a critical role in logistics operations.”

Meanwhile, the economic impact of the driver shortage is being felt throughout industry.

For example, there are reports of drivers being offered salaries of up to £70,000 a year.

In addition, some driving moving jobs are benefiting from ‘golden hellos’.

Furthermore, recruiters have been spotted approaching drivers at truckstops.

In some cases, offers of up to £54 an hour have been made to drivers.

Calls to expand the National Skills Fund to help resolve driver shortage