Down lights shine on driver safety

A new down-facing lighting system has been devised for vehicles and semitrailers to illuminate the road surface, improve road safety and help keep the driver out of the dark.

Developed and patented by Rugby-based entrepreneur Jim Thompson, the Jimmy Beam Down Light works by directing a low-power (1W) beam downwards, which illuminates the ground around the vehicle.

Traditionally, side-marker trailer lights have been outwardfacing, warning other drivers, bikers, cyclists and pedestrians of the trailer’s presence from the side view.

This has since been enhanced through Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) requiring more outward-facing side markers on the side of the trailer and bodywork, and has ushered in the recent introduction of continuity reflective strips down the side of all heavy goods vehicles.

But for drivers looking in the mirror down the side of the vehicle and the trailer, the view has generally been subject to poor lighting in dark conditions.

“The Jimmy Beam Down Light helps establish the position of the vehicle in the road in conjunction with the presence or movement from other road users,” Thompson said.