Delivery company ParcelHero has criticised the government’s plans to offer visas to EU truck drivers. 

For example, the company has called the offer to 5,000 drivers a ‘compromise’.

Furthermore, it suggests that the decision has ‘infuriated Brexiteers’ by going against promises made about leaving the EU.

In addition, ParcelHero believes it will do ‘nothing’ to plug the shortfall of 100,000 drivers.

The decision was branded ‘faint-hearted’ by the delivery company and one that ‘will do more harm than good’.

Specifically, David Jinks, ParcelHero’s head of consumer research, believes the decision will please no-one.

“The 5,000 drivers are less than the number of poultry workers the Government has also invited back. 

“Brexiteer ministers are foaming at the mouth at the news any EU drivers will be returning. 

“Meanwhile, retailers and logistics bosses are howling that the move is far too little, far too late.”

Continuing, Jinks also criticised other measures announced over the weekend.

For example, the Ministry of Defence examiners will be used to increase HGV testing capacity. 

“[That] will also do little to fix the immediate problem,” he warned. 

“And, the plan to send a million letters to former drivers who hold an HGV licence is frankly astonishing.

Continuing, Jinks described the Government’s suspension of competition law as “a sticking plaster that won’t stop the bleeding”. 

“Tanker drivers are the elite airline pilots of road haulage.

“These skilled drivers are trained and tested continually. 

“Therefore, you cannot let a newly qualified lorry driver take over the wheel of a petrol tanker. 

Concluding, the delivery company agreed that the driver crisis is not purely down to Brexit.

“However, Brexit has doubled the impact of the problem for the UK,” said Jinks.

“Furthermore, the driver shortage is just the tip of the iceberg.”