A government consultation around proposals to solve the truck driver shortage has been announced.

The growing issue of a lack of willing and able drivers shows no sign of going away any time soon.

The government consultation will involve operators and vocational and car driver training industries. 

As a result, those groups will be asked for their views on the government’s proposed changes regarding driver shortages.

The Government announced a package of measures in July to support recruitment and retention in the road haulage industry. 

The overall goal of these plans was to ease pressure on the sector.

For example, the consultation included whether to allow drivers to take one test to drive both an articulated and rigid truck. 

This measure was designed to streamline the process for new drivers to gain their HGV licence. 

Furthermore, it would also increase truck test appointment availability.

The consultation will prioritise road safety and state that drivers will be supervised until fully qualified.

In total, there are four proposals in the government consultation. 

Firstly, allowing drivers to take one test to drive both a rigid and articulated truck.

Secondly, it will look at drivers who want to use a bus or coach to tow a trailer. They could be allowed to take just one test with a trailer, rather than having to pass a test without a trailer first.

Thirdly, if successful, the proposals will allow off-road manoeuvre tests to be assessed by the driver training industry

Finally, the government consultation will address i car drivers can tow a trailer without having to take another test.

Views on these proposals can be expressed on the government website.

The consultation closes at 11.59pm on 7 September.