The DAF MD, Laurence Drake, has given an update on the truck manufacturer’s year and revealed future plans.

Addressing the commercial vehicle media, Drake acknowledged there had been upheaval, but didn’t want to dwell on it.

Instead, he was keen to highlight upcoming trends and technologies – and the potential for DAF.

“In the future, alternative fuel vehicles will be within our normal business processes,” he stated. 

“However, for the interim it is important to have people in place to build expertise in this area.”

As a result, the DAF MD explained the company had established an ‘EV and Sustainability’ team to aid transition.

Meanwhile, Drake also detailed DAF’s strategy on electrification – including what it means for drivers.

“The next ten years could see arguably the biggest shift in goods transport since the development of the ICE,” he reasoned. 

“Moving from horse and steam power to petrol and diesel alternatives progressed relatively smoothly.

“The shift to zero emission alternatives is more challenging,” he admitted.

“While we are aware of the massive cost of not shifting, we’ve yet to find a way to attribute environmental costs to the movement of goods.”

Continuing, Drake admitted there were factors outside DAF’s control such as costs and when operators would switch to EV.

However, he stated that DAF and its dealers are preparing for electrification.

“A progressive, predictable shift is vital to help ensure investment in products and infrastructure,” he said.

“In addition, we need a clear government strategy that transcends political parties.”

This strategy, added the DAF MD, should take a long-term view on sustainability in the transport sector.

“Today, it is obvious that electric trucks cannot compete directly with diesel and with electricity prices.

“In other words, there needs to be more to balance the cost for operators to make the early shift.”