Fleet management solutions from DAF Trucks have just got better for truck drivers and operators. 

The Dutch truck manufacturer has added functionality to its DAF Connect fleet management platform. 

As a result, subscriptions can be managed with one mouse click via a webshop within the portal.

Meanwhile, it is now easier for third party fleet management software to be integrated into the system.

The announcement comes as more and more DAF trucks are being built with DAF Connect already installed.

Therefore, drivers are automatically benefitting from more information about the vehicle to help increase uptime and reduce operational costs.

Upgrades to DAF Connect mean the system is easier to use and more efficient. 

“The webshop makes managing subscriptions very easy,” stated Jorg Wijnands, marketing manager at DAF Connect. 

He added: “The on-line dashboard shows at-a-glance which applications are available for purchase or extension.”

DAF Connect’s open platform offers many advantages over existing fleet management solutions, says the company.

For example, it now supports third party fleet management systems as well as transport management systems.

Meanwhile, those third party fleet management suppliers can obtain data directly from DAF Connect.

Therefore, the number of hardware modules in the cab is reduced and plug-and-play capabilities can be realised.

Concluding, Wijnands said: “The DAF Connect Open Platform is the best flexible solution for hardware integration of professional transport solutions.”