DAF debuts ‘free’ telematicsDAF Trucks is offering its customers a fully proven telematics solution at no additional cost as part of all new DAF Repair and Maintenance contracts. The system will be pre-installed on new trucks and has been specifically tailored for DAF by telematics firm Microlise.
DAF said the new system will be fully integrated within its MultiSupport Repair & Maintenance (R&M) packages to help pre-empt problems and provide preventative maintenance to maximise uptime and truck availability.

The new system will be fitted on all DAF trucks bought with R&M packages, which the Dutch manufacturer said accounts for 35 per cent of all new DAFs sold, and 100 per cent of all new DAF tractor units. Operators will get a weekly fleet summary report for their vehicles, and they will be able to upgrade to access live data for their fleet, including being able to track and trace vehicles and monitor driving style and fleet utilisation.

It will also be possible to specify the telematics system for DAF vehicles that are not maintained through a DAF MultiSupport contract. This can even include older vehicles and is available for other brands too – something DAF said many operators need to give them visibility across their fleet.

“We decided to work with Microlise since its system is fully proven and already in use with some of our customers,” said DAF’s UK marketing manager, Phil Moon. “Microlise has been able to specifically tailor the system’s usability in a unique way for DAF customers, while retaining its capability to handle a vast range of additional logistics tools.”