CVs slapped with new noise targetsThe European Parliament has introduced a new regulation aimed at reducing noise emissions from trucks and cars over the next 12 years. The new rules will phase in new limits by July 1, 2016; 2020 and 2024. The first phase will only apply new engine noise limits to new vehicle types, while the second and the third phases will bring in lower decibel values and also include all new vehicles produced, two years after they start (ie, 2022 and 2026).

The rules bring down the limit for the most powerful heavy lorries (over 12 tonnes) to 79 db from 81 db.

The European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA) said it welcomed the adoption of the new rules. “These new noise limits are
very ambitious, but the industry is committed to reaching them,” said ACEA secretary, Erik Jonnaert.