Willmotts has demonstrated its commitment to safety through it’s latest investment in trucks through City West Commercials.

The West Country haulier has taken delivery of five Mercedes-Benz trucks with the latest MirrorCam technology.

In fact, the company is one of the first UK operators to have vehicles boasting the latest tech.

Specifically, Willmotts chose five Actros L BigSpace tractor units.

The business currently runs more than 100 trucks, therefore needs to ensure safety throughout the fleet.

Each of the vehicles is powered by a 12.8 litre engine with 476hp.

Not all of the trucks on the company’s fleet are from Mercedes-Benz.

However, with MirrorCam being such a prominent addition, it was a chance for Willmotts to show that commitment to safety.

The second-generation version of the technology was announced in May by Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Therefore, it is now starting to appear on UK-registered vehicles.

In the latest version, the camera arms are 10cm shorter on both sides.

As a result they are less vulnerable to damage.

In addition, the housing design reduces the possibility of debris sticking to the lenses.

Technical developments, meanwhile, have further improved image quality and clarity.

Andy Tuck, Willmotts’ transport and compliance director, was clear about the company’s approach.

“We’ll never put all of our eggs in one basket when it comes to vehicle suppliers,” he said.

“However, City West Commercials was persistent in extolling the virtues of the Actros.”

Tuck added that drivers who drove Mercedes-Benz trucks were asking when they’d see the new Actros.

“The latest Actros is so very different,” observed Tuck.

“And that’s not only down to MirrorCam; the Multimedia Cockpit is also a radical departure.”

Concluding, Tuck revealed there was apprehension, but that didn’t last long.

“They were soon enthusing about how much more they can see with MirrorCam,” he said.