City-slicker FL chassis sheds weight

Volvo has upped the payload of its FL specialist city distribution chassis by 200 kg by introducing its compact five-litre Euro 6 engine to 14- and 16-tonne variants.

In addition, Volvo said its is now enabling operators to order its Dynafleet telematics system directly from the factory.

“We want even more people to discover the capabilities of the Volvo FL,” said John Comer, product manager for Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland. “The new combination with a lighter driveline and higher load capacity is particularly suitable for those who have high demands on productivity and are looking for a cost-effective transport solution.”

Volvo’s four-cylinder, five-litre Euro 6 engine is now available in 240 bhp and 210 bhp variants. Both engines will be offered to a wider group of Volvo FL customers, including 14- and 16-tonnes. As the engine and gearbox together weigh 200 kg less than the traditional six-cylinder Euro 6 option, its installation means a corresponding additional increase in payload.

“The five-litre engine may be a suitable option for those who would not normally use the maximum gross combination weight, but at the same time value the flexibility of being able to drive with heavier loads if required,” Comer added.