An Actros Edition 2 has joined the Maze Logistics Solutions to celebrate the operator’s 10th anniversary.

The company’s fleet is dominated by Mercedes-Benz trucks, with 15 of the 26 vehicles carrying the three-pointed star.

Therefore, it made sense for the Ipswich-based operator to get an Actros Edition 2.

Only 400 units of the limited edition truck have been built for customers worldwide.

However, Maze Logistic Solutions made sure that it was one of the lucky recipients.

The new truck joined the fleet this month and has hit the ground running.

Specifically, the Actros has been involved in container movements and freight forwarding operations.

Furthermore, it has been specified to stand out from the crowd.

For example, there is a distinctive grille and sun visor with LED headlights incorporated.

In addition, there are other light bars, colour-coded bumpers and side skirts.

Meanwhile, inside the Actros Edition 2 is every bit as impressive as outside.

There is a mix of leather, carbon and other high-quality materials throughout.

And, in terms of creature comforts, drivers benefit from a microwave, flat screen TV and ambient lighting.

Ryan Jiggens, director of Maze Logistic Solutions, said the company hadn’t stopped during the pandemic.

“We continue to support our loyal customer base as the industry navigates its way through the challenge,” he explained.

“The Actros is a great looking truck and equipped to a very high standard both outside and in. 

“Throughout our 10 years in business we have been conscious of the needs of our drivers. 

“Therefore, we have chosen ever higher vehicle specifications.”

Importantly, driver Robert Chamberlain is delighted with his new Actros Edition 2.

“He is an excellent employee and driver,” confirmed Jiggens. 

“As an avid truck enthusiast, he looks forward to presenting the Maze Edition 2 at shows next year.”