Actros challengers prove pump champsMercedes-Benz has launched a new Fuel Challenger initiative which enables hauliers to test the efficiency of the New Actros against one of their own vehicles, then measure the diesel consumption of both side by side.

Mercedes said the New Actros has already won nine of its first 10 challenges in its first month of competitions, with the defeat only occurring by a narrow margin – and when the Actros was carrying six tonnes more than its rival.

The Fuel Challenger tractor units all wear a distinctive white and green livery, and are fitted with FleetBoard telematics to provide accurate appraisals of their fuel consumption during the trials.

There are five Fuel Challenger vehicles – all Actros 2545s with 449 bhp (330 kW) engines and StreamSpace cabs. Three are flat-floored, 2.5 m wide models, the other two 2.3 m versions with 170 mm engine humps.

“This might seem like a strategy fraught with risk, but we have complete faith in our products,” said Vincente Connolly, director national sales, Mercedes-Benz/FUSO.