Swedish fossil-free refrigerated transport company Hultsteins has consolidated its position in the UK market after acquiring Cold Connect.

Hultsteins specialises in fossil-free solutions for refrigerated truck transport, and the company hydraulic-powered refrigeration units have achieved a somewhat unique position in a market where diesel-driven units are increasingly being scrutinised.

In the UK, Cold Connect has held a similar position by offering sustainable refrigerated transport powered by electricity or hydraulics instead of diesel.

“The acquisition of Cold Connect gives us a solid foundation in a very interesting market,” said Hultsteins CEO, Börje Axelsson.

“It also expands our technical knowledge about electricity and hybrid solutions, which means we are well-equipped to meet future refrigerated transport requirements.”

Cold Connect CEO, Stephen Maile, added: “The integration of Cold Connect with Hultsteins was a natural step as the companies have many similarities, not least when it comes to smart solutions that are sustainable for both customers and the environment.”