Improve your sleep to feel fresher and more alert with the help of the best eye masks, noise-cancelling ear buds, anti-snoring gadgets and more

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a getting good night’s sleep – and when you’re out on the road, it can sometimes be hard to get a decent kip. External noises, ambient light seeping through chinks in the curtains and an uncomfortable mattresses are just a few of the things that can turn what should be a peaceful rest break into a trial of patience.

But there are steps you can take to minimise these annoyances, with solutions on offer for most of the common sleep ailments and many of the more obscure ones too. We’ve rounded up some of the most effective sleeping aids to help you get a good bit of shut-eye – from weighted blankets and blackout masks to ear plugs and anti-snore devices, we’ve got it covered.

Anti-Snore Mouthpiece
Manufacturer: Neoman
Web: Buy it from
Price: £15.28

Snoring doesn’t just keep partners up all night – it can also mean a more disturbed sleep for the snorer! This new version of Neoman’s trusty mouthguard can be an effective way to stop mouth snoring. First, pop it into boiling water and then put the shield over your teeth, pressing it into place to mould it to the shape of your mouth. Then when you wear it at night, it can significantly reduce and even eliminate noisy breathing emanating from the throat or tongue. Made of medical-grade silicone, it’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t hinder breathing.

Manufacturer: Flare Audio
Web: Buy it from
Price: £9.99 (3-pack)

Background noise can be a major nuisance – and while there are loads of ways to drown or block it out during working hours, it harder to do it when it’s time to catch some shut-eye. Lots of people use ear plugs, but there are loads to choose from and many are too big and cumbersome to be comfortable for sustained periods. However, these tiny memory foam buds from Flare Audio could be a solution. Available in two colours, these super-soft, one-size-fits-all buds are easy to clean, have a soft-touch silicone grip, are tough and durable and come with a carry pouch.

Weighted Blanket
Manufacturer: Soporis
Web: Buy it from
Price: From £44.95 (inc VAT)

One thing that has been proven to work wonders for many people is the use of a weighted blanket – and this one from Soporis is superb. Pockets of glass beans sown into the blanket mean it wraps around for a snug fit, and the weight can stop even the most restless sleeper from fidgeting. Available in a range of weights, it’s recommended to choose a blanket weighs up to 10 per cent of your bodyweight for maximum benefit.

Memory Foam Sleeping Bag
Manufacturer: Duvalay
Web: Buy it from
Price: £109.95 (inc VAT)

Nothing beats a cosy, comfy sleeping bag for a snug night’s sleep, and Duvalay make some of the best we’ve tried. There are some big differences with this compared to standard sleeping bags – for a start, you’re not zipped in, which means it feels more like lying in a ‘normal’ bed. But also, the luxury polycotton cover contains two pockets: the top one holding a duvet, while the bottom contains a premium memory foam topper for extra comfort. And to top it all off, the whole thing rolls up together for easy storage.

DreamWeaver Sleep Fan
Manufacturer: Honeywell
Web: Buy it from
Price: £68.01

We’ve all heard of white noise, but this fan from Honeywell has been engineered to encourage better sleep by using the calming benefits of ‘pink noise’ – a mixture of high and low frequencies that sounds smooth and natural. This mix is more effective at blocking outside unwanted noise and induce more stable sleep. Alongside sound generation, this fan also features a unique on/off airflow shutter, pivot and oscillation designed to enable you to direct airflow. Plus, it has three powerful cooling speeds and four light dimming settings that can provide a hint of light if desired, optional auto off timer, a USB charging port for your phone and comes with a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Total Blackout Eye Mask
Manufacturer: Echor
Web: Buy it from
Price: £12.99 (inc VAT)

There are loads of blackout sleeping masks on the market, but this clever design from Echor is one of the most comfortable and effective we’ve come across. Not only does its contoured form keep out unwanted light, but its recessed eye areas remove friction from rapid eye movements (REM) during sleep for unbeatable comfort. One size fits all, the fully adjustable masks are available in white or grey and come with a 30-night guarantee for risk-free trial.

Sleep Analyzer
Manufacturer: Withings
Web: Buy it from
Price: £99.96

If you’re a serial bad sleeper, it can be useful to determine the reasons behind it. According to manufacturer Withings, this new Sleep Analyzer can accurately measure and diagnose sleeping problems without any intrusive instruments. Just slide the sensor pad under the mattress at chest level and leave it to monitor your sleep during the night. It will then present a detailed report via a connected app on your smartphone. Witihngs also reckons this device is the first in the world to offer non-invasive medical-grade sleep apnoea detection.