Turn your cab into a kitchen with our pick of the best ovens, kettles, fridges, microwaves and more

Prepping food on the road can be a bit of an art form – and with many roadside rest stops and eateries either shut or open for reduced hours at the moment, it’s never been more important to ensure you can make a decent nosh under your own steam.

Many modern cabs already have fridges and coffee-makers built-in. But if you’re not so lucky, there are plenty of cost-effective aftermarket options to help kit out your kitchen quarters. From ovens, grills, stoves, table tops and more, here are some of the most useful items for boosting your in-cab cuisine…

24V Trucker’s Kettle
Manufacturer: All Ride
Web: Buy it at Amazon.co.uk
Price: £21.89 (inc VAT)
Undoubtably one of the most indispensable catering items, you have to make sure you get your choice of kettle right. The All Ride 24V kettle is a little belter, with a one-litre capacity and a boil time of just a few minutes (though actual heating time depends on water condition and capacity, of course). Made from tough PP material, it’s fitted with a standard 24V cigarette lighter plug and is small enough to be stashed away without a problem.

TruckChef 24V Microwave
Manufacturer: TruckChef
Web: Buy it at Kuda UK
Price: £395 (plus VAT)
The TruckChef 24V microwave oven has a huge 20-litre capacity, powerful 800W cooking output and tailored fitting kits for almost every heavy truck – making it a perfect companion for any truck driver wanting to whip up tasty hot meals in the cab. Made in the UK and fully warranted, it boasts superb build quality – just what you would expect from an OEM supplier.

24V Coffee Maker
Manufacturer: Dometic
Web: Buy it at Kuda UK
Price: £45.83 (plus VAT)
Like coffee? Is one cup just never enough? Too right – and that’s why this coffee maker kit from Dometic is worth a look. With capacity to make up to five cups of delicious fresh-brewed java at a time, it’s guaranteed to keep you hydrated through even the longest of tips. It also features a thermostat-controlled warming plate to ensure drinks stay nice and hot. The glass jug is also held securely in place to ensure it stays put when you’re driving.

18-litre Portable Fridge
Manufacturer: Indel B
Web: Buy it at Kuda UK
Price: £377 (plus VAT)
Indel B makes a range of in-cab fridges, and the TB18 is the manufacturer’s 18-litre portable option. The unit just plugs in and is ready to go, and its huge capacity means you will have plenty of room for all of your snacks and drinks. It’s equipped with an internal LED light and electronic thermostat, and it is made out of high-quality components for better durability. It also features a compressor which regulates speed according to the temperature set on the thermostat inside the refrigerator, which helps keep energy consumption to a minimum.

24V Oven & Grill
Manufacturer: All Ride
Web: Buy it at CDC Truck Accessories
Price: £42 (plus VAT)
While microwaves are great for speed and convenience, it’s still hard to beat an oven-cooked meal. This portable 300W oven from All Ride also features a built-in grill, so you can even us it to whip up a toasted sarnie or some breakfast bacon rashers. The stainless steel oven and grill has a handy 60-minute timer, three power settings and 9-litre capacity.

Dashboard Table
Manufacturer: Truckers Shop
Web: Buy it from Trucks Shop
Price: From £50 (inc VAT)
Some cabs can be a little bit pushed for space when you need to eat – but thankfully,  aftermarket table tops can help provide enough suitable surface to prep, lay out and scoff your meal. Truckers Shop offers a wide range of tables made to measure for the specific make and model of your truck, are guarantee they fit without gaps for a first-class finish. The trays are lined with a durable carpet which can be easily cleaned/shaken off to remove dirt, and have a chrome-look finished pipe around the edge for some added bling – and to help stop things sliding when you’re on the move.

Portable Gas Stove
Manufacturer: Trespass
Web: Buy it from Amazon.co.uk
Price: £17.99 (inc VAT)
Get your fry-up going in style with this handy portable gas stove from Trespass. This dinky single-ring unit offers integrated ignition, a temperature control dial and robust construction to make sure it’ll last the distance. Perfect for heating beans, frying off veggies or warming some hearty soup, this stove requires an MSF-1a butane gas canister to be installed (not included).

24V Heated Travel Mug
Manufacturer: Grundig
Web: Buy it at Kuda UK
Price: £19.99 (plus VAT)
There’s little worse than dragging on a cold cup of tea of coffee, so why not make sure your drinks and soups stay piping hot with a heated thermal mug? This model from Grundig is made from high-quality stainless steel and boasts a 500 ml capacity. Just plug it into the ciggy lighter socket and your liquid of choice will be kept at the optimum drinking temperature.