It’s DAF vs Scania as 18-tonne rigids slug it out at Drummond Distribution
By Dougie Rankine

The life of a rigid distribution truck is not an easy one. Few are afforded the care given to tractor units and the like, and they spend their lives being directed to places often not ideally suited to them. But these trucks play just as important a part in the nation’s supply chain as their bigger brothers.

Most drivers will have spent time in a rigid on multi-drop work at some time or another. For some it’s a stepping stone towards getting onto artics; others decide to stick with the fast-paced, always-on-the- go nature of the work, as opposed to spending hours on the motorway.


In this Truck On Trial, we take a look at two 18-tonne curtainsider box trucks owned and operated by Drummond Distribution of Armadale – a family-run firm whose heritage dates back to 1927, when Robert Drummond started the business delivering coal with a horse and cart. The company has come a long way since then, and has a large custom built premises on almost the same site.


Modern times

Bringing the company through to the modern era were three brothers – Bert, Jack and Peter. Bert and Jack are retired now, but still take an interest in the business. Peter, who had a great passion for classic trucks, passed away five years ago, and his life is now commemorated annually by way of a road run bearing his name and the company motto “Gang Warily”, which means “Go Carefully”.

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