Arocs on test


With Arocs, Merc completes its new truck range for Euro 6. We put three models to the test in and around a quarry near Wuppertal, Germany 

By Andy Stewart

Arocs represents the latest chapter of Mercedes-Benz’s comprehensive commercial vehicle range overhaul to meet upcoming Euro 6 emissions. Targeted squarely at the construction sector, Arocs is primarily designed to meet the needs of operators engaged in off-road site work, on-road supply and concrete delivery.

Buyers can choose from four engine types ranging from 7.7-15.6 litres, 16 output ratings, 14 cab variants along with various frame configurations, steel or air suspension, hypoid axles for on-road operation, and hub-reduction axles with high ground clearance for off-road work.

The variety of configurations on offer is considerable, with 15 tractors, 18 platform models, 17 tipper versions and 10 concrete mixer set-ups ready for order. Available drive configurations are 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×4 and 8×6, and there are three types of all-wheel drive to choose from – namely permanent, engageable or Mercede’s new Hydraulic Auxiliary Drive (HAD) system (the latter available from summer next year).

road test

Arocs also comes in two application-specific variants: Loader, which puts the emphasis on maximum payload; and Grounder, which is geared towards increased robustness at the expense of some payload.

The truck’s appearance fits in with the rest of the updated Merc family, though off-road work requires Arocs to have additional protection. The bumper features tough steel corners to guard against on-site scrapes, and the reinforced cab boasts fully galvanised metal sheets on all sides. Covers also protect the engine and light clusters from damage.

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