EcoDaily 4x4

Multi-tasking off-road Iveco can deliver the goods – whatever the terrain!
By Steev Hayes

Think of Iveco Daily and you’d probably imagine a road-going panel van pounding urban streets, A-roads and motorways, carting anything from automotive parts or fruit and veg, to all the paraphernalia builders, plumbers and other small domestic or commercial businesses use.

But there is another side to Daily in the shape of a 4×4 version. Designed as a tough off-road utility truck, the EcoDaily 4×4 is a permanent four-wheel drive vehicle and is an alternative to the ubiquitous Mercedes-Benz Unimog. And being around half the price, it’s a pretty attractive alternative.

The EcoDaily 4×4 is designed primarily as a high-performance go anywhere on/off-roader which can carry payload to areas that would be inaccessible to more ‘standard’ commercial vehicles. EcoDaily 4×4 boasts a truck-derived chassis made from special high-strength steel beams that gives the vehicle in-built strength to help it cope with the immense stresses of traversing hostile terrain. Gas shock absorbers and ultra-flexible parabolic springs smooth the ride over even the toughest ground.


The truck has a number of body options and, fitted with the right one, EcoDaily 4×4 could easily cart items such as telegraph poles or fencing into difficult-to-access areas. This type of vehicle will also appeal to forestry and/or tree surgeons that might need a vehicle capable of carrying heavy gear.


Properly spec’d
It’s a bit of a climb up into the cab. The EcoDaily 4×4 sits high, with 30 cm ground clearance, which offers a healthy 50-degree approach angle and 30-degree exit angle. A stubby wheelbase of 3500 cm helps when the truck is in the rough, increasing its off-road capability and reducing the likelihood of the truck becoming stranded on large humps.

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