Mercedes-Benz Unimog (Euro 6)

Mercedes-Benz is keen to stress its new Euro 6 Unimog is for all seasons, not just for winter


By John Challen

It might not boast the sales volumes of its Actros or Atego brothers, but the Mercedes-Benz Unimog continues to meet the needs and demands of a growing and wide-ranging selection of operators.

Many people still associate the Unimog with coming into its own when operating a snowplough or snow-blower attachment around this time of year. However, the German manufacturer maintains many of the companies which invest in the go-anywhere four-wheel drive medium truck can maximise its potential in each of the 12 months.

Yes, winter service applications might be the most important element for Unimogs, but the same vehicle can operate as a grass cutter, bark chipper, agricultural plough and fire truck, giving it the potential to become a very shrewd acquisition.


Ringing the changes
Together with the Econic, Unimog is the last Mercedes-Benz model line-up to undergo a makeover ahead of imminent Euro 6 engine legislations. Part of a
€137 million investment, Mercedes has improved the drive system, broadened the range and re-designed the cab.

The goal was to make Unimog a more economical and efficient workhorse, as well as a more pleasing environment in which drivers would spend their time. On first impression, the company has delivered on its promises.

Climb into the cab and you notice a larger, panoramic screen in front of you. A lower windscreen enables a better view of attached implements, making the processes of coupling and uncoupling easier. Drivers of the Euro 6 Unimog will also be given the option of an additional camera-monitor system, consisting of an underhood mounted camera which transmits images to a unit placed on the windscreen. The camera’s angle can be altered by manually rotating it left and right, so the Unimog can pass through tight spaces with relative ease.

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