july driven

DAF reveals its latest Euro 6-powered 8×4 chassis aimed at the construction sector
By Steev Hayes
Photography Steev Hayes

It looks like there could be a new dawn just around the corner, which may be hugely beneficial to the road transport industry – the construction of new housing.

Despite the construction industry flat-lining all through the recession, there is cross-party agreement that the UK is suffering a major housing shortfall, and there are moves afoot to put that right by planning a massive increase in house building programmes across the UK.

Ironically, another major part of that new dawn is the HS2 high-speed rail project which, it is claimed, will improve business links between the South and the North. This will involve a lot of demolition work as well as construction, and both these initiatives will require large numbers of trucks to haul spoil, aggregates, tarmac, bricks and blocks and other commodities to and from the various sites. Perhaps the Big Seven truck manufacturers saw this as an ideal opportunity and so began announcing their Euro 6 construction chassis, which they have been doing individually since the beginning of last year.

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