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The industry doesn’t have that many offical ‘get-togethers’ throughout the year but when they do happen they always become a hot topic of conversation. We have the Tow Show, The IVR AGM weekend and more recently PROFCon has become a regular event. Recently held at The Holiday Inn - Telford, PROFCon 23 proved to be the best yet, with good presenters and topical and informative presentations, so well done to Richard and all the team. EV’s are one of the most important issues facing all operators up and down the country and the case study presented on the day highlighted many problems with them that all of you potentially face today. Derek Firminger is currently enjoying a well-earned rest and will be back next issue with a full report on the presentation.

In the issue we have all our usual news and reports including an update on PROSE and a report from Fred Henderson, looking back on the history of one of his most tried and tested models.

Enjoy the magazine.