Volvo Trucks’ global deliveries in September 2012 decreased by 19 per cent to 8646 vehicles compared to the same period last year. In September, deliveries in Europe totalled 3716 trucks, down nine per cent compared with the same month in 2011.

September deliveries in Western Europe were down by 16 per cent – mainly, said Volvo, because many customers are hesitating to make purchasing decisions in the present macroeconomic environment.

However, in Eastern Europe truck deliveries increased by seven per cent to 1365 trucks in September 2012. Volvo Trucks’ strong position, especially on the Russian market, contributed to this upswing.

September deliveries in Latin America decreased by 13 per cent to 1746 vehicles, by comparison with September 2011. The Swedish manufacturer said the reduction is mainly explained by very high deliveries in 2011 before the new Euro 5 emission standards were implemented in 2012.

In North America, truck deliveries decreased by 32 per cent to 1844 vehicles by comparison with September last year. The company said the lower delivery pace is mainly related to lower demand in the market.

Truck deliveries in Asia totalled 847 trucks, 44 per cent less than in September 2011. A market slowdown in parts of the region as well as declining construction activity in China contributed to the decrease.