A Volvo FE Electric is set to enter service with grocery retailer ICA Sweden by the middle of 2021.

The arrival of the truck comes after the two companies announced plans to collaborate in November 2020.

Electric mobility experts from ICA and Volvo Trucks were tasked with finding the best transport solution.

In conclusion, an FE Electric was found to best suit load capacity, driving cycles and range requirement.

The new truck will be used to deliver refrigerated goods throughout Stockholm.

Importantly, the route chosen for the truck means that no daytime charging is required. 

Therefore, it was an easy decision for ICA to switch from a diesel powered truck to the Volvo FE Electric. 

Johan Larsson, director of electric solutions at Volvo Trucks, said a lot of hard work had gone into the project.

“Together with ICA, we have analysed several transport routes within their Swedish logistics network. 

“Sharing and analysing detailed data has been vital in helping calculate energy consumption.”

Looking further ahead, Volvo and ICA will look for transport solutions in other parts of Sweden.

Meanwhile, ICA Sweden has a target to have a fossil-free transport system by 2030.

Therefore, electric vehicles – such as the Volvo FE Electric– are at the centre of the collaboration’s plans.

 “We are very pleased to have begun our electrified transportation journey at ICA,” said Emma Lindström, ICA Sweden’s logistics director. 

Lindström said ICA was working to minimise climate impact. “Increasing use of electric transport is concrete proof of this,” she explained. 

“We have the opportunity to customise an electric transport solution that fulfils the capacity and range demands for our trucks,” she added.