Vehotrans offers free freight exchange

A new freight and transport exchange is hoping to attract new customers by offering its services free for six months. The European-wide exchange has gained more than 1400 followers on social media website Twitter, with loads posted automatically on site.

“There are other exchanges in the UK, but they all offer different things,” said marketing manager, Carl Davies. “We wanted to build a site that offered everything under one roof at a very competitive price – why spend on different sites when you can spend on one?

“We wanted to build a flexible exchange where our members can tell us what the industry needs, and we will adapt to what is needed to make it work,” he added.

Vehotrans is built around smartphone applications, which can be used with Apple, Android and Blackberry phones, complete with live mapping for loads and driver availability.

“Drivers on the move can upload and post statuses, which cuts down on traffic management time,” Davies said. “The benefit is it gives them more time to do other things. Gone are the days of having to phone your drivers for ETAs, collection times or updates on delays. The app can post live availability at a touch of a button.”

Davies said customer confidence is important. “Once you take out a subscription, we’ll be using a reputable credit checking agency to check all our customers at no extra cost,” he added.