A Unimog has joined the Cornwall Fire & Rescue service fleet, in response to changes in the region’s weather conditions. 

Specifically, an increasing number of wildfires and flash floods has seen the service need more robust vehicles. 

A Mercedes-Benz Unimog, therefore, fits the bill perfectly to tackle such situations. 

The first service says the new addition will carry transport mission-specific ‘pods’. 

Each of them will be packed with specialist equipment, specifically depending on the emergency being faced.

In total, four pods are included, one each for ‘Wildfire Response’, ‘Flood Response’, ‘Line Rescue’ and ‘Disaster Response’. 

In addition, it boasts additional power and communications systems, allowing it to double as a mobile command unit.

The Unimog is powered by a 5.1-litre engine with 230hp and 900Nm of torque. 

In addition, the specification also covers a working and crawler gear range, which provides another eight forward and reverse ratios.

Standard models include eight forward and six reverse gears.

Meanwhile, the truck’s 4×4 chassis, was supplied by South Cave Tractors. 

It has the maximum permissible gross weight (14.5 tonnes) and features a sub-frame and Palfinger crane. 

The new Unimog is based at Tolvaddon Community Fire Station, Camborne and is the authority’s second such vehicle.

Mark Salter, from Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service, said it will make a real difference. 

“It was the obvious chassis on which to base this new and specialised appliance,” he said. 

“Given some of the rough terrain here in Cornwall, exceptional off-road performance was an absolute must.” 

Continuing, he stated that no other vehicle with a similar carrying capacity could match the Unimog’s aptitude.

For example, he cited the role it could play fighting fires. 

“The Wildfire Response pod carries a 1,000-litre water tank and nebular misting system.

“Therefore, it’ll be an invaluable aid to firefighters in tackling such incidents.”