UK DAF dealers have been rewarded for their recent efforts in the truck manufacturer’s pan-European competition.

The annual event was held online due to coronavirus restrictions across the continent.

The biggest prize went to Lawrence Vehicles Ltd, which was named International Dealer of the Year 2021.

Lawrence Vehicles Ltd comprises Lancashire DAF and Lothian DAF as well as two TRP parts shops. 

Harry Wolters, DAF Trucks president, praised UK DAF dealers, in particular Lawrence Vehicles Ltd.

“Only a dealer that performs exceptionally well and is a true expert in all aspects of the business deserves the this title,” he said.

Specifically, he singled out the dealer’s continuous investment in the DAF brand, such as a new PDI centre at Lancashire DAF in Preston.

“Lawrence Vehicles is a shining example to other dealers,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chassis Cab in East Anglia was named the PACCAR Financial Europe International Dealer of the Year.

 The Ipswich-based dealership was recognised for an ‘excellent performance in supporting customers with the best possible financial services’.

Gerrit-Jan Bas, PACCAR Financial Europe’s MD, explained Chassis Cab had ‘significantly over-achieved on all targets last year’. 

It had also, he stated, continued to believe that the customer is always king.

“Chassis Cab also knows exactly what it takes to be successful as a transport operator.”

In addition to the triumphs by Lawrence Vehicles and Chassis Cab, Ford & Slater won a Gold Award. 

The Leicester-based dealer was recognised for delivering ‘excellent all-round dealer performance’. 

Finally, there was also a Silver Award for the Motus Group. 

Last week’s award ceremony – a highlight of the annual DAF Trucks International Dealer Meeting – was switched to an online platform in accordance with coronavirus restrictions remaining in place across Europe.