Retail distribution in London will be helping to reduce the capital’s carbon emissions.

A recent announcement by Volta Trucks said it has partnered with The Crown Estate and Clipper Logistics on deliveries.

The Crown Estate is a London property owner and Clipper Logistics is its distribution partner.

With a portfolio of outlets, The Crown Estate covers Regent Steet and half of St James’s.

Therefore, the arrangement will see The Crown Estate trial one of Volta’s Zero trucks this summer. 

In other words, the zero-emission vehicle will be operating between the distribution centre and the stores. 

The Volta Zero offers a number of advantages to those involved in retail distribution.

For example, its range of 95 to 125 miles makes it ideal for the urban environment, where journeys are short, but frequent.

In addition, the 8.6-tonne payload of one truck can replace several smaller vans.

Meanwhile, Clipper Logistics has been working to reduce congestion and improve air quality in London. 

The distributor has worked with The Crown Estate in this area since 2008.

In fact, the initiative was the the first of its kind in London.

The Crown Estate’s Judith Everett called the partnership “another important step” towards reducing congestion.

“It will be a win-win for us and our customers, helping support their deliveries and our joint sustainability ambitions,” she said. 

“In addition, it builds on our continued work to trial and test to see what works best.”

Meanwhile Mick Doe, from Clipper Logistics, was delighted with the partnership.

“As a business, we recognise we are high milage road users. 

“However, we are committed to reducing unnecessary road miles and ensuring that what we do accumulate is cleaner. 

“The partnership demonstrates Clipper’s agility and logistics ability by working to combat congestion and environmental impact.”

UK capital’s retail distribution network decarbonisation plan