Renault Trucks has added two new modules to its Optifleet fleet management solution. 

As a result, users will be able to improve productivity, according to the French manufacturer. 

Specifically, the two new modules – ‘Health’ and ‘Safety’ – are designed to minimise accidents and unplanned truck downtime.

In total, Optifleet now features five modules in total, each designed to simplify day-to-day operations. 

Each one can be activated independently of the others, therefore giving flexibility  to suit the needs of each haulier.

The Check module monitors and optimises the fuel consumption of hauliers’ trucks.

In other words, it reduces overall CO2 emissions and analyses driver performance.

This module also provides a live view of the battery charge level on electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Map module can geolocate trucks in real time, thereby allowing fleet managers to optimise routes.

The final original module – Drive – monitors drivers’ activity and rest times.

Moving on, the new Health module sends messages about the warning lights on each vehicle’s dashboard.

These alerts come either as a real-time notification on the portal or as an e-mail.

The fleet manager can then plan the appropriate maintenance work and predict any potential truck downtime.

Finally, the new Safety module monitors the vehicle’s safety systems, such as AEBS and ESC. 

Furthermore, this module also detects any excessive braking or acceleration. 

It sends the data, either in real-time to the Optifleet portal or by email, to the haulier. 

They can then use it to perform an objective analysis of driving patterns. 

Optifleet Check, Map, Drive, Health and Safety modules are available on the Renault Trucks T, C and K ranges. 

However, the new modules aren’t available on D and D Wide ranges (electric and diesel).

Importantly, the two new modules will be available to non-Renault drivers as Optifleet is compatible with other brands.