A trucker who helped out in a potentially tragic scenario has been hailed as one of RHA’s HGV Heroes.

Aylesbury-based driver, Tom Reddy, reacted quickly when he saw someone on a footbridge on the A47.

Furthermore, he positioned his truck under the bridge where the man was standing.

As a result, Reddy and another motorist were able to climb up the verge to the bridge and talk the man down.

Therefore, the RHA panel chose Tom after his former colleagues at Moran Logistics nominated him.

The RHA’s HGV Heroes campaign, which ran last year, recognised logistics professionals who had gone the extra mile during lockdown.

Reddy, who now works for XPO Logistics, was modest about his actions.

“I find the situation of being on that bridge very relatable having served in the military in an early part of my life. 

“In addition, I have had my struggles with mental health both at the time in the years following. 

“Therefore, I am extremely sympathetic with anyone who finds themselves in that position.”

Reddy added that he was grateful to be recognised.

“I did nothing exceptional on that day apart from doing what I believe a human being should do.”

Meanwhile, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett, handed over the award to Reddy (pictured, centre). 

“I am delighted that Tom is our overall winner,” said Burnett. 

“Thanks to his selfless actions he prevented a man jumping from a road bridge.

“The man contemplating jumping off the bridge was fortunate that it was Tom who came to his rescue.”

Dan Myers, from XPO Logistics is understandably proud of his colleague. 

“Tom is an exemplary individual who is worthy of recognition and thanks. 

“Together with the RHA, we are proud to celebrate Tom and his selfless actions.”

Concluding, Myres called Reddy “a true HGV Hero”.