Truck upgrades have been announced by Renault Trucks for the T, T High, C and K vehicle ranges.

The emphasis behind the improvements has been on driving comfort, on-board comfort, safety and productivity.

Therefore, Renault Trucks says it is the biggest evolution of its products since 2013.

Firstly, there are big changes to the exterior appearance of the trucks.

Headlights have been made smaller and a honeycomb grille has been added.

As a result, the trucks have a more ‘assertive style, according to the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, a new multi-directional steering column has been created, allowing drivers to adjust their driving position more easily. 

Elsewhere in the driving area, two USB-C ports have been added for increased phone and device charging capabilities.

Importantly, given that drivers spend up to nine hours behind the wheel a day, new seats have been adopted.

The materials are more durable as well as comfortable and there is more support, too.

Further comfort benefits can be found for drivers when they are not behind the wheel as part of the truck upgrades.

For example, the mattress thickness has been increased to 170mm, while the number of springs has been doubled. 

From a safety perspective, new LED lights have been fitted to all models as standard.

The lights are up to three times brighter than standard lights, helping visibility in all weather conditions.

In addition, LEDs have also been used inside the cab to help drivers getting in and out of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, from the operator’s perspective, Renault Trucks says fuel savings of up to 3% are achievable with the new design. 

Improved aerodynamics, new engine technology and predictive cruise control make these savings possible for fleets.

Furthermore, Renault’s ‘Pulse and Glide’ function further helps fuel consumption by maintaining the set speed of the cruise control.